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Hi, my name is Matt Clark and I’m a producer, mixer, guitarist, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California.

I work with rock and metal bands to give them next level mixes. Lots of home recordings fall apart when it comes down to the mixing. I can take those tracks and make punchy mixes that have width, depth, and jump out of the speakers.

I also work with engineers who love to track but would rather leave the mix to someone else. I bring a fresh, objective set of ears to the table. I’ll help retain your vision and take your tracks to the next level painlessly.

I have a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in audio engineering. That’s where I got my start in the music business in the 90’s and then moved to L..A. in 2000. I first cut my teeth at the famous Silvercloud Studios in Burbank, honing my editing and mixing chops. These days I work out of my own private studio called Red Line.

Some of the producers and artists I’ve worked with include Godhead, Blasko (Ozzy), Wayne Static, Virgil Donati, Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), Ryan Greene, Tom Fletcher, the Iron Maidens, and many more. My band Freakhouse is signed to 7Hard Records (Germany) which is distributed through Membran.

Thanks for checking out my site. Please request a quote here. Got questions? Send me an email and let’s discuss your project and needs. I can answer any questions you might have and we can figure out a game plan that works for you.