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As promised last time, I’m going to give you an insider’s view to releasing and promoting my band Dead Soul Revival’s first release. Before we get started please go sign up for the band’s email list at deadsoulrevival.com so you can follow along with the recording, mixing and marketing techniques I’m going to show you. Plus there will be some other cool reasons for doing so. More about that in a minute.

To give you some perspective, we’ve recorded about 20 songs. Our plan is to release four EP’s with five songs per. With the way the music industry is at this point in time we decided we would rather release one song at a time about every 6 weeks.This will give us a couple years of content rolling out. Instead of releasing a full cd’s worth of material this will allow us to remain at the front of our fans’ minds. Another cool thing about doing it this way is we can get feedback on each song as we go.

A few weeks ago we put out a press release to all media outlets. This was simply to introduce the band and explain that a couple of us are former members of an established act (Freakhouse). Of course this is also designed to draw people to our website and sign up for our email list.

So, if you’ve gone and signed up for that list, you’ll notice that we are giving away two free songs. These are pre-release songs that only our email list will have access to until we roll out our first single. We’re doing this for several reasons. Most importantly, we’ll have people primed and ready when it hits Spotify and Apple Music, etc.

Here’s the thing though. We will let these fans decide which song they want to be the first single. That includes you too of course. This way you get to be part of our journey. For each release we will do it the exact same way.

You of course will also have the added benefit of applying these ideas to your next release.

Until next time…


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